Optimus IEMGD for Windows 7\8\8.1\10

RELEASE 1.2.2 WILL BE FREEWARE (I still don't know when i will program it)

Dear Users, this is my last workaround for Windows 8\8.1\10; it also work on Windows 7 without any big problem .
The Optimus IEMGD was develop to fix some bug of IEMGD on Windows >7 releases and get the maximum performance in newer OSs. In Windows 7 mainly can be usefull to change brightness, overclock your device via SetFsb, Change CPU Multipler (better performance), use upgraded Opengl but software rendered, change Avalon Settings, ect.
The proof of concept is described down but essentially with this software solution (not a driver) you will takes the advantages of microsoft basic driver and IEMGD
How it works:
1)Run Optimus IEMGD

2)Change Windows Option to make icon always in try icon

3)Select a function from tray icon: Using Software\Hardware you will enable or disable IEMGD

4)Run quickly Software Mesa 3D or Default (on win 7 default is 2.0 HW while in win 8\8.1\10 is 1.1 SW)

5)Change  your CPU Multipler or set a SetFSB profile (this function requires external software)

6)Change Brightness Level

7)Set Optimus IEMGD Autorun, Run\Disable\Enable Intel Services,Avalon Rendering

NOTE. CPU Multipler Select function:

-Software Function: Enable this feature when you need to surf on internet, write documents or other things that doesn't require the use of your GPU
-Hardware Function:Enable this feature when you need to play HD video in your video player and play some game that doesn't work with software rendering
-Check that your notebook supports your max display resolution with Microsoft Basic Video Driver
-CPU Multipler function requires Intel SpeedStep enabled from your system bios (usually all z5xx Atom have this function enabled by default)

Proof of the concept:
 As many of you know, IEMGD and Windows newer releases are not so compatible and sometime overall performance are low.
Actually IEMGD bugs in Windows 8:
-Apps glitches
-Reduced HW rendering vs Windows 7
-No Hardware OpenGL
-Some crash

How we can try to resolve these problems, maintaining the "720p" support in video players?
The solution is real simple.I took it from NVIDIA Optimus project (i know it's not the same thing but the aim it's similar).
There is a driver that:
-Runs apps without glitches in startup
-Doesn't have any problem with restarting function
-Have a better 2D rendering (software)
-Doesn't have OpenGL hardware rendering
This driver is called "Microsoft Basic Display Driver"

Mixing these features in "Optimus IEMGD" concept we will get on win 8\8.1\10:
-720p Video support in video players -> Hardware Decoding
-1080p Video support about 20FPS fullscreen (not so smooth but enough speed)-> Hardware Decoding + Min Multipler X10 + PowerDVD11
-480p Adobe Flash support (15FPS Windowed Youtube Videos) ->Hardware Decoding
-Video Streaming support (usually less than 480p) ->Better with Hardware Decoding
-360p HTML5 support ->Software Decoding
-Normal Apps Startup -> Software Decoding
-Smooth Windows GUI for the best user experience ->Software Decoding
-Software OpenGL 1.1 and 3.3 ->Software Decoding
NOTE. Experience with 1366x768 display (better performance with lower resolutions)

Limit of Optimus IEMGD:
-Lower performance in Windows 8\8.1\10 vs IEMGD on Windows 7
-No OpenGL Hardware accelerated...only software!
-Requires Display Driver Refresh when an videoplayer requires HW acceleration
-Requires that your video bios supports your display max resolution*
-OpenGL Changer is  only compatible with IEMGD actived
-Requires Admin's Rights (so if you are the owner of the pc isn't a problem or ask him the rights)

PATCHED IBM vbios (overwrite your vbios in any bios only if you are sure that your original vbios is IBM->compare bin with an HEX Editor)

*Note: verify that your video bios has your display resolution. (Asus 1101HA doesn't have 1366x768 and need fixed bios: look here). Soon Patched Bios for Asus 1201HA! I can patch only Asus Bios because vbios is the same, for all other devices read the link to know how to patch the vbios.
You can apply this trick  also without this software (not so quick):
1)Install IEMGD
2)Disable Intel Video Card from device manager (will be loaded Microsoft Basic Driver)
3)When you need HW decoding restore the driver

Actual version: Optimus IEMGD 1.2RC1 (10 Jan 2016)

ChangeLog :
Optimus IEMGD 1.2.2 [Unknow date...debugging]
-Freeware (No more donations required)
-SourceCode upgrade
-DirectX and DirectDraw Options (software rasterizer)
-Initial display refresh changer support. Should work only on Win7, may damnage you hardware (usually displays work @60Hz so don't force over the range 50-65Hz)
-Language Editor

Optimus IEMGD 1.2.1 [09 Sept 2016]
-Internal Beta testing features
-Not Released for unstable functions

Optimus IEMGD 1.2 RC1 [10 Jan 2016]
-Major Update but in beta test: some limitation vs definitive version 1.2
-AutoSave function (now at every system restart the program lost it)
-Brightness Fn Button Function Restart (After hibernation the EMG Driver lost Fn button function for brightness: workaround fix)
-Fan Speed
-Run Option
-Initial MultiLanguage Support
-Downgraded to Framework 3.5 (it's impossible to program on Atom Z520 with newer framework)
NOTE. All the 1.2.x releases will be used to optimize the code
-For any other suggestion write a comment! ;)

Optimus IEMGD 1.1 [31 Jan 2015] 
Minor Upgrade: Insert checked function in brightness control and setFsb section; Disabled OpenGl Changer and Brightness control when Software Rendering is enabled; Upgraded Installer; Framework 4.5 Upgrade; Updated GUI

Optimus IEMGD 1.1 RC1 [07 Jan 2015]
-Added SetFsb Utility: IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS FUNCTION Have to buy SetFSB from official website! This is an extra feature and wasn't never tested under win8. In the submenu are available 4 voices: Super-High- Normal -Low. Each profile have to be setted, by generating a bat file in c:\program files\optimus iemgd, with correct SetFSB values as reported in official setfsb website!
SetFSB Command Line Switch Options:
   -w : Wait [00-99 sec] default=10sec
   -s : Set FSB [000-999 MHz]
   -i : Increment(targetFSB > currentFSB) or Decrement(targetFSB < currentFSB) [00-99 MHz] default=max 
   -u : 0(default)=normal , 1=ultra
   -b : 0(default)=normal , 1=background
   -p : PCI-E [000-999 MHz] default=none
         FSB overclock[set PCI-E then increase FSB], FSB underclock[decrease FSB then set PCI-E]
   -q : Quiet [no GUI to be displayed at all]
   -cg[string] : Clock Generator default=none Maximum 15 characters

 Example: -w05 -s300 -cg[ICS9LPRS918BKL] -u1

-Added Avalon HW: Disable\enable Hardware rendering for WPF Applications
-Added Brightness Controller
-Fixed some bugs: Intel tool restart function, Opengl random copy error.

Optimus IEMGD 1.0 [Nov 2014]
+Initial version
+Software\Hardware Rendering
+OpenGL Selector
+Autorun control for OI and Intel Tool

1)Brightness control doesn't work with software rendering:  Determinated, when video driver is disabled, the monitor.sys is turned off too by the system and it isn't restorable. The only way to change brightness is to renable hardware rendering, change brightness and then select software rendering.
2)OpenGL Selector don't work in Software Mode and will be only available Opengl 1.1

Opinions? Questions? Write down here!

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  1. Hi! I have an acer AO751h currently on windows 10 TP and I suppose you can imagine how it goes, so give a little help what do I download What do I pay and generally what do I do to get this old donkey dancing :p :p Just kidding... I appreciate ur work very much!

    1. Hi, actually Win10 TP isn't so stable with gma500 driver. The main problem is the new OS's kernel. If you are testing it just: start\run digit services.msc look fo DIAGNOSTIC TRACKING SERVICE and first turn it off then from its properties disable autorun. Then read Optimize Windows SpeedUP post.
      Don't buy SetFSB for Win10TP because the licence is valid only for a windows key (so if you reinstall it with a different microsoft key, the program will not work!)
      Best Regards

  2. hello, i have a vaio X winth gma500 and atom z550, but system go very slow because of the graphics driver
    with this program can i solve this?

    1. Optimus iemgd is used in win8/10 to switch from iemgd to stock win driver when video driver is slow on 2d rendering. It also enable mesa 3d software opengl for basic tasks because gma500 hardware opengl isn't supported in newer os.
      Your pc has the best cpu of z5xx cpu with gma500 and also has 2gb and ssd( so you don't need any hardware upgrade). The platform is slow because it is a mid platform. you can improve a little the performance reading all my blog: read exp video,web browser and windows speedup posts. The best os is still win7 home premium

  3. Hi! Donated 2 days ago. Still waiting :( Confirmation number: 07E13007LC862362R

  4. Risposte
    1. Actually no, i have few time to program it. Anyway an update will be done because i'm testing fixes also in my new laptop with intel HD500 not gma 500.
      The idea is to recode it and expand compatibility. Let's see what happen

  5. is it possible for us to still purchase and get the last stable version for use until 1.2.2 comes?

    1. I removed it because it's not serious to sell an utily without upgrades and in release candidate version. The other buyers supported gma500booster website and for this I released the latest iemgd package and updated some file/post.
      I can still sell it but it's not complete and i don't know when version 1.2.2 will be available.
      In my idea it will be a freeware when i will not add other function

    2. Is there anyway to get that "freeware" version?
      Really wanted to test. Or I can donate instead of priceless one. Which one I should do?