Windows 8/8.1 : OpenGL 2.0 Issue

Introduction: DirectX and OpenGL are competing application programming interfaces (APIs) which can be used in applications to render 2D and 3D computer graphics, taking advantage of hardware acceleration when available.
GMA500, with Intel Embedded Graphic Driver, can run both these two APIs: DirectX9.0C and OPENGL2.0 
Issue on Windows 8\8.1: IEMGD can't run OpenGL(Open Graphics Library) 2.0 API

Why? Seems to be an installer problem of all GPU Drivers(compiled for Windows 7) for a new Windows 8 Setting vs OpenGL ICD (Installable Client Driver)
In Our Case:
-C:\Windows\System32\opengl32.dll Microsoft Windows 8 OpenGL 1.1 INCLUDED and Enabled
-C:\Windows\System32\igdogl32.dll Intel Embedded Driver OpenGL 2.0 INCLUDED and Disabled
Solutions Tested but not working (maybe can resolve other GPU's equal issue):
-Update the Driver (not available for GMA500)
-Registry Fix: Added the same keys of Win7
-Installer INF Fix: Fixed to install with WIN 6.1=7; WIN 6.2=8; WIN 6.3=8.1
-Compatibility Mode: Tested Win 8-7-Vista SP2-XP SP3
-Manual Driver Mode from Device Manager
-HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0000 Checked
-Comparison between INI for Win7 vs INI for Win8
-Edited by Hex Editor: returns OpenGL error! 
PROBABLY not Fixable on GMA500 ; for all other Intel GMA GPUs just download updated driver or open inf file and edit strings for win 7 (NTx86.6.1) for ex:
%Intel%   = Intel.Mfg,NTx86.6.1
Change it to accept all OS versions(example above) or you can edit NTx86.6.1 to support only 6.2(win 8)/6.3(win 8.1):
%Intel%   = Intel.Mfg
Fixed Installer for Intel HD 1°gen and Intel Series 4 (not gma500) can be find HERE
Contacted: Microsoft,Intel,Asus,OpenGl,Forums...all saying it's an Intel issue! I hate this way to operate
Intel aswered that GMA500 is "EOL" (End of Life Support) so never will be available a solution from them!
P.S.For x64 OS is necessary disable Drive Digital Firm Check
Solutions still not Tested
Make a digital firm for developer
How to Install MESA3D Software Accelerated OpenGL on Windows 7/8/8.1 (probably also XP)
After many tests,research on MSDN and registry fixes,I understood that the error is ,in our unlucky case, in igdogl32.dll. Reverse isn't possible so We can't get OpenGL Hardware Accelerated!
The Only Workaround to play apps\games that requires OpenGL > vers 1.1 is to change Windows Software accelerated Opengl32.dll.
N.B. Performance are Poor (will not fixed with future releases so i will not update this package)
WORKS ON ALL PCs not only GMA500 Devices!
Options: 1) MESA3D OpenGL (described and free) 2) TitaniumGL (Trial version and only OpenGL1.4)

1)Go to Download Section and download Mesa 3D - Wrappers Package (contains MESA3D Software Acc OpenGL Dic 2017)
2)Follow instructions: (three possible solutions)
-First Option,suggested, put opengl32.dll directly in game\app folder (may not work)
-Second Option for GMA500 rename package opengl32.dll to igdogl32.dll and put it in system32 (overwrite existing unworking dll)
-Third Option overwrite C:\Windows\System32\Opengl32.dll with MESA dll as described above: (if your video driver has no opengl file)

A.Make a backup of Windows OpenGL to restore it in the future 
B. Go to system32\opengl32.dll file, right click properties. Click on Security tab\Modify\Select "Users" Profile and check Full Control then OK->OK
C.Overwrite system32\opengl32.dll with mesa dll (32bit or 64bit dipends from your OS)

2 commenti:

  1. Minecraft is the biggest reason I would like to get this working. Unfortunately I could not get it working either when I first installed windows 8 and so went back to using 7. Looks like we may have to wait and see if intel ever adds 8/8.1 support to EMGD.

  2. Intel will not add support for win 8. The only workaround that i find is Mesa3D (read the post)
    Minecraft runs so slow