Video Experience (2017)

Introdution:  I was undecided about publishing this post because i don't have enough knowledge about codecs. Anyway this post is a start point and anyone has better informations can publish here something. Video\audio quality can be changed using different settings.
There are several video players and codecs but anyway you will not notice so much difference in terms of quality but only in cpu usage.
(N.B.Codec: CoreCodec AVC wasn't tested but is good to see WMV HD videos and other HD formats. PowerDVD Codecs can be used as external filters for some players; Intel Media Codec Pack includes  also VC-1 Codecs)

TEST: Windows Media Player vs PowerDVD vs MPC-HC vs VLC vs PotPlayer
The aim is to help you in  Video Player choice so I'm going to show you faster Video Renderers.
Programs: WMP v12.0.7601.17514 (KLite Codec Pack Full 9.7.0)
                VLC v2.2.5.1 (2017)
                MPC (KLite Codec Pack Standard v13.1.6 2017)
                PotPlayer 1.7.1916 (2017)
                PowerDVD v11.0.1620.5 (i had some problems with v11.0.2024.51 and IEMGD)
                (I did't use  PVD12 because there is Cinavia)
GPU: GMA500@200MHz with latest IEMGD
O.S.: Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit
GMA500 Supported Codecs (GPU fast Rendering)
Video TEST: 
-Serenity Trailer.mp4 1280x720 HD VIDEO
-The Lincoln Lawyer.mkv 1280x544 HD VIDEO
-The Bourne Ultimatum - Trailer.mp4 Resolution 1980x816 FULLHD VIDEO
-Lincoln 720x304 DIVX
-Robotica_1080.wmv (under test) 1440x1080
-I'm Legend Trailer.mp4  (under test) 1920x816
-Big Buck Bunny (under test)
P.S. Other videos HERE

1)Windows Media Player (Klite Codec)
WMP use more CPU because doesn't have full hw support in all file video format
HD VIDEO: The Lincoln Lawyer.mkv 1280x544 (slow fsp; CPU 100%)
HD VIDEO: Lincoln 50%

2)PowerDVD : Settings\Video\Enable Hardware Acceleration (Intel ClearVideo)

DIVX: strange cpu usage but smooth
MKV video: unsupported\errors
HD VIDEO: Perfect
FullHD VIDEO: Perfect

3)Media Player Classic HOME CINEMA (with k-lite codec standard Full version)
On installation don't select LAV copy-back  (slow performace on gma500)
HOW to install correctly: (directly from Klite codec pack info) 
LAV video supports only DXVA 2.0 (supports Vista-7-8)
MPC and ffdshow DXVA 1 and 2.0 (support also for win xp)
Which form of hardware acceleration should I choose?
You use Media Player Classic Home Cinema: Use the internal DXVA decoder.
You use a basic player such as Windows Media Player?
If you need subtitles then use ffdshow DXVA.
If you do not need subtitles then use LAV DXVA native (when available)
P.S.The newer MPC version with LAV supports subtitles!
Video DirectShow on Windows Vista/7/8:
EVR Custom Presenter [recommended]
EVR Sync
EVR [not compatible with internal subtitle renderer of Media Player Classic ]
Video DirectShow on  Windows XP:
VMR-9 (renderless) [recommended]
VMR-7 (windowed) [not compatible with internal subtitle renderer of Media Player Classic ]
Overlay Mixer [not compatible with internal subtitle renderer of Media Player Classic ]

How to set it:
1)Set LAV Codec and DXVA native for best performance and powersaving
2)Open a video than check if settings are correct: right click on video
3) Disable Shaders
4)Check Hardware acceleration for the filter LAV Video Decoder:
If you have enabled Hyper Threading on your Atom processor (5xx series support it), choose 2 threads but ,anyway, there is no real difference between Auto\1 or 2.
Select DXVA native if you want the best quality\power saving ratio (suggested)
You can use also DXVA copy-back with EVR stock render or Render sync (EVR sync) but CPU load will be about 40%
Check SD,HD resolution (you can check also 4K) and H264,MPEG2,VC-1
5)Open Options and go to Output. Select the Video Renderer
The best choice is Enhanced Video Render (CPU Load 15-30% ,A. 20%) anyway you can also use EVR sync (CPU Load 20-32, A.25%).
If you use Render sync (EVR sync) you can also enable, in this page, Enable Direct3D when in fullscreen mode (will reduce tearing but no more scrollbar in fullscreen). Don't change buffer EVR 5 is the best choice (max 6 level)
Results: Enhanced Video Render is faster then Enhanced Video Render Custom Presenter
HD VIDEO: The Lincoln Lawyer.mkv 1280x544
1.Enhanced Video Render (Winner)

HD VIDEO: Serenity - HD DVD Trailer.mp4 1280x720
1.Enhanced Video Render (Winner) ->CPU LOAD 30%
2.SyncRender  (with enabled Direct3D: menu bar disabled)
3.Enhanced Video Render (custom)  (with enabled Direct3D: menu bar disabled)

FullHD VIDEO The Bourne Ultimatum - Trailer.mp4 Resolution 1980x816:
1.Enhanced Video Render (Winner) ->CPU LOAD 30%
2.SyncRender (quite Good)

FullHD VIDEO: Robotica_1080.wmv (under Test)
without CoreCodec 100% CPU
with CoreCodec 80%

4) PotPlayer
Light and easy like MPC but probably with a better UI.
It includes only internal codecs (will not change any system codec) and can be used as external youtube player via web browser extension (1080p videos) or drag & drop youtube video name link into PotPlayer
CPU Load 20-30% A.23%  Using EVR+internal codecs FFMpegs+DXVA acceleration
If you will use DXVA copy-back the CPU usage: 40-50%

I don't know how to play correctly videos on GMA500 :\
Results: Video output=directx quite good for 720p but not fullhd

Other Infos
What is a Video Splitter: It is a media demultiplexer, a software able to divide streams into elementary part = video, audio and or subtitles and send them to their respective decoders

In the sea of video players, the best choices for Intel Atom Z5xx and common users are MPC and PotPlayer enabling DXVA with EVR and LAV(better) or ffmpeg. Them are freeware and easy to setup.

Final Results: "My Compatibility Chart"
1. MPC with Enhanced Video Render for every videos and low cpu usage
2. PotPlayer (minor user interface bugs)
3. PowerDVD (first for quality but not for compatibily)
4.WMP with external codecs

9 commenti:

  1. Hello, Thanks alots for this nice blog. I use your drivers on my Acer Aspire one 751H (with Z530, and 2GB ram) and they work very well, I can even watch HD videos on Youtube. The work flowlesselly in a window, but maybe with fewer framerate in fullscreen.

    I have one hint for VLC player. There is an option somewhere in the settings to enable GPU acceleration and then it works very nice.

    Looking forward for your next posting.


    1. Thank you. I've tested vlc with hw accelaration and internal codec but never obtained a fullhd video working.if you have any solutions can write here :) best regards

  2. Thank you! Finally HD movie works for my Vaio VPCP115KW!

  3. Just to let everyone know.

    I'm currently using Windows 7 with your (awesome) driver. Even when I can play 720p videos flawlessly, there's still lag in some videos using MPC, VLC or even WMP.

    So I was looking for another player and I saw one named ''PotPlayer''. This player is the best I've used with this driver, even better than MPC with the Klite codecs!

    Just give it a chance, less lag, better performance... at least in my Dell Mini 10 - Windows 7 - 1GB ram.

  4. Thank you for your reply. I read few comments about this program and seems to be a real good player: official website (wiki)
    are the codec inside it? i will test it soon.
    Anyway did you use "normal" Enhanched Video Render in MPC? I never had lag with my machine but probably also because i have 2GB RAM

    1. Yes, it has it's own codecs like VLC.

      There are some videos, mostly on mkv and subtitles that are laggy on my dell mini using MPC, I have used all the video renders. With no subtibles MPC is great, but Potplayer is better at leas for me.

      Yes, it could be because I have only 1GB of ram, don't know if this player would make a difference with 2GB ram.

    2. Greetings again, just to say that there are different versions of "potplayer" (I don't know why) and I installed the wrong one few weeks ago after reinstalling windows 7, the performance of that one is horrible even when it is the "same" player.

      Anyway, the player I'm using was downloaded from here: , that seems to be the right one.

  5. Yes, PotPlayer is incredible. Now I can see 1080p videos in my Acer AO751h 2gb ram. Thanks Wenceslao. Gracias.

    1. Wow, I hadn't see this, you're welcome. And yes, is awesome :D