The Video BIOS provides a set of video-related functions that are used by programs to access the video hardware. Through CED is possible to generate vBios for US15 but isn't included a flasher.

All starts with my  foolish idea of increasing GMA500 performance and a "mistake" reading 
white-paper about CED:
Chapter 4.0 talks about : <<VBIOS includes support for the following chipsets:
• Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx
• Intel® System Controller Hub US15W/US15WP/WPT chipset
Enabling the SMSW instructions used when Intel® EMGD VBIOS sets up its caching
functions increases the boot speed during POST and system boot.
The host system must have a 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating.
The target system must contain one of the following Intel chipsets:
• Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx
• Intel® System Controller Hub US15W/US15WP/WPT chipset
The target system must contain a minimum of 64 MB of RAM.>>
I so imaged that was enought to build a default vbios and ask for the AVBU flasher (AMI Video Bios Utility) but it wasn't so easy!
I've missed to read Appendix E: <<AVBU Supported Hardware Platforms
Currently the utility exclusively supports the Intel® Atom™ Processor E660 with Intel®
Platform Controller Hub EG20T Development Kit>>
Anyway i found the way to upload new vbios to system bios with AMI MmTool (Bios Mods SECTION):
VideoBios on US15 is 64KB file

After changing vBios: (Intel GUI Tool\ Informations)

I've just compiled some vbios to test: (Read how to build on IEMGD Editor Section)
Beta Releases BIOS for ASUS 1101HA (TESTED on my netbook)
N.B. Use only at your own risk! 
BIOS 0323 with VBIOS 1.14 rev0.1 DOWNLOAD
BIOS 0323 with VBIOS 1.18 rev0.1 DOWNLOAD
Is Possible to restore Default Settings reflashing Asus 1101HA Bios 0323 (download it from Asus)
Note. vBios support is closed  because:
-I didn't find any way to fix bugs (read above) 
-It's better standard vbios on our netbooks

Ugly Fast boot (anyway works)
Disabled Brightness control via Fn Button
Incompatible with Official GMA500 Drivers
VGA output not working
I didn't see any advantage using embedded vbios probably because isn't designed for a multipurpose device. I suggest to leave IBM standard vbios for common users.

How to flash: (2 Solutions)
1)Copy 1101HA.rom into a pendrive 
2)Shutdown pc
3)Press ALT+F2 on system boot (will start Bios Upgrade) 

Second Solution: On windows->Run AsusUpdate Tool->Select Update Bios from File

IEMG vBios doesn't increase performances
IEMG vBios brings a lot of minor bugs on a multipuporse device (netbook)
Intel BMP Utility Doesn't work with GMA 500
AVBU is only compatible with E6xx series 

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