ADD June-May/2017
Long time without a post but as we know few things move under the sea for our old soc.
This is a temp post!
The rev2017 is ready but i want to test it again under Windows 10 to see if there are benefits with the usual modification of the system(so for now is only a minor internal beta).
Anyway i was still playing with my netbook, in these days, and i would say that it is incredibile how h264 support works(1080p @24fps).

Actually my favourite programs:
1)Win7 home premium 32 without visual effects (xp style).
2)XBMC(kodi) for, live or not,streaming. I don't know why and i don't want to compile a fork of Kodi to understand where hw rendering fails so use XBMC 13.2, if you need it. It is a little slow in gui but the video rendering(24-25fps) is perfect to see movies or illegal streaming or iptv.
3)web browser: Lunascape 6. A really strange browser with 3 engine(ie,firefox,safari/chrome). You can switch between them with a simple click and install any addons, so cool. It's not perfect but editing the gui is a fast and fresh browser. I have actually setted Gecko engine (firefox) with h264ify (that doesn't work but stop autoplay video in youtube), potplayer shortcut (right click on youtube video and send it to the mediaplayer. Works up to 1080p without any problem), ublock origin (adsbloker)
4)Sumatra Pdf, winrar as always.

Website News:
*Partial Upgrade of Video Players Post (not still complete)
*Partial Upgrade of SSD post (not still complete)
*Initial Fixing Browser post
*Removed Video Streaming Post
*Restarting test with Windows 10 TH2 (June 2017): IEMGD is more stable with this version but our old soc doesn't have enough power without an advanced system modification (the best OS,ready to use, with right battery saving and multimedia performance is Windows 7 32bit Home Premium or Basic)

Latest Test:
-Stop using Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 video: all browser videos sent to PotPlayer (youtube,openload,ect):Testing and working
-New cpu thermal pad arrived: cost 4€ (low-medium quality 3w/mk(not chinese)..for 6W/mk cost 15€)
Testing on asus 1101ha without fan @1.33GHz max cpu temp 66°C min 55. Thickness 1,5mm
Results: not too bad
-SSD broken after only 6 months...restored stock HHD
-Still need more time to retest external Lubuntu's patches for gma 500
-Restoring Corsair spd: still need time to repair my corsair spd for renable, after flash fail, Asus SHE (overclock utility).
-Tested a new workaround for OpenGL but didn't work on Win10 :( No other idea only Mesa3D with Software render that can't play smoothly on Atom z520 any game FPS lower than 9FPS.
I will add a newer Mesa3D package on the website and in Optimus IEMGD (less bugs and s3tc support)
-Patching Win 7 dll because I'm using Xp theme on win 7 (faster GUI) but i don't like the graphics:
 1)removed Start button (like Win 8) by simply editing C:\Windows\ main language folder for ex en-US\explorer.exe.mui and removing the string for "Start". Anyway it's not friendly press start on keyboard, I looked if was possible to fix taskbar context menu for add new start menu voice (like win 8) but it's possible without dll inj or a tiny tool.
2)replace show desktop icon,next to the clock, with a trasparent one: C:\windows\system32\imageres.dll
3)removed string in the search box in start menu: c:\windows\explorer.exe

6 commenti:

  1. Waitin 4 the new driver still))) / hooddy

    1. Hi,as i told in the blog, I'm only programming for a minor update but the problem is another. Web browsers increases hw requests. Marcelo wrote a comment in adobe flash player-browser post that is a good way to optimize video speed. The last option, before buy another device, is to look for optimized codecs.
      It is frustrating work with this soc in 2016

  2. When it comes ? We are waitn.

  3. Hi from Greece! I have an 1101 HAGG originally dual boot xphome and linux. I got rid of linux and dual boot with win7 successfully for 2-3 years, using your iemgd 1.8 for win 7. I have now cloned my hdd using microtool to a samsung evo 850. Our machines are sata1 so the speed only doubled, but I have noticed better response to video and streaming. The 1101 has no ahci but trim is enabled. I get a total freeze when I run samsung magician so I avoid that.I overclock for 7 years now 30% and get 1.740Ghz with no overheat. Now using the ssd the temp. is down as well. I had also added hynix 2 GB ram card a while ago. I am not a tech guy just a basic user. Decided to message you to let you know my experience with the 1101. Thank you for the gma 500!

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