Pending Projects: News - Work in progress (2016)

Hi world! I know people want always fast updates but this is an hobby and not a work so be patient!
->I need to upgrade the blog before post my new packages because old guides need to be fixed!
->A lot of html code have to be rewritten boring!
LAST RoadMap:
  • While Optimus IEMGD 1.2 RC1 is out, now i'm upgrading program features. With version 1.3 the project will be closed, nothing more to add. Anyway many things have to be changed and inserted: Display Refresh Rate Changer (seems to be compatible only with Windows 7), leftclick menu (more easier and fast than rightclick menu), source code optimization and Super performance option(manage cpu and gpu's configuration); I need also to check if software TnL is supported by our device. Requires Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10, Admin Rights and framework 3.5. [Full ChangeLog is down]. 
  • IEMGD 1.18 Final for Windows 7\8\8.1\10: disabled WPF HW support (slow rendering),fixed installer support for Windows 8\8.1\10 (a stupid error was done in the older version,sorry), upgraded IEMGD Add-on with some usefull basic tweak, added DisplayRefresh app for Windows 8\8.1\10 (it will only auto refresh display after hibernation; workaround for black glitches after awakening the OS) and probably fixed "restart pc" bug (win8-10)
  • Big posts refresh! Too many are old and incompleted
  • Removing garbage posts: i want a simple website(my thoughts about intel poulsbo sch, system controller hub, will not added. My curiosity brings me very far but we need facts not billions of concepts pages). Something will be added in iemgd editor area
  • I need to downgrade my device to the only one full usable OS: Windows 7 (Home basic or Home Premium 32bit); Windows SpeedUp post will be updated with my last experience.
  • I need only time to program,test and release
Disabled Functions in this beta + Run Option Can launch bat or exe file

The version RC2 is in programming or probably i will share only 1.2.1 to give a more complete software.

ChangeLog Optimus IEMGD 1.2 RC1:(10 Jan 2016)
-Initial Support for Multilanguage: Editable voices are in settings.reg (before launch the installer) for these voices  Run\Brightness\Power Settings
-Fan Speed requires RWeverything Tool (included in the package): it is a fan script tested on Asus 1101HA. I don't know if it will work also on other devices.
-Added Run: this is not  a simply launcher but here you will able to set the task's priority (HIGH, Above Normal and Normal). Enable Run Function from Advanced Settings, then in Run Area select the path of your program (small button) + task priority (High,Up,Norm) + the name showed in context menu (the voice NULL will disable the slot) and then select SAVE
-Added PC Power: Shutdown, Restart, ect (shutdown command is a full shutdown no fast boot compatible because it is usefull when you have an error with any kind of program under Win10)
-Added Avalon Antialiasing option
-Added System V-sync option: works few with dwm but better than nothing
-Added V-RAM: A small porting of my old project GMA500Hidden Settings (requires RWeverthing). Maybe it can be usefull for old game compatible for windows xp.
-Added Restart Driver (not present in the picture): After hibernate or sleepmode, Fn buttons for Brightness will not work anymore. With this option the video driver will be reloaded and all will work again
-Added Advance Area: look at the image
-Added Left Click Menu: fast change between hardware\software render and change brightness [Moved to version 1.2.1. Reason: Need more time to find a good graphic interface). Left click option will open the context menu
-Added SetFSB Overclock AutoRun [Reason: Need to test a registered Version]
-Added Windows Display Settings: a normal link to microsoft settings (that sometime people never look it)
-Settings Autosave Enabled

How to get the MAX performance, in this version, with a program: Turn-off V-sync and Avalon settings, set CPU Manager at super option,  run a program with high priority, set SetFsb Super (if you have the fullversion and have compiled the bat file). In the next releases i will add another tweak but anyway remember that high performance=battery drain!

Probably future changelog of Optimus (2016-2017)
-SourceCode Update
-Multilanguage Support
-Support for Monitor Refresh Rate Changer (should be compatible only on Win7)
-Games Software Rendering for TnL (i still didn't check if is compatible with GMA500)
-Left Click Menu easier
-"Restart with" function will be removed because should be not more needed in the final IEMGD 1.18 version

I want to say thanks to Optimus Iemgd supporters: These solutions are in primis for you!

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    1. Hello, I am receiving my Viliv S5 tomorrow, and I have a question for you. Which is the best operating system for overall performance? GPU performance? Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 10? My device has 1GB RAM, and an Atom Z520 processor. Thank you.

      1. With only 1GB:
        -For Multimedia Purpose Windows 7 Home premium 32bit (read my uncomplete post SpeedUp Windows)
        -For a fast OS but low multimedia support: Windows XP SP3 PRO

      2. Thank you for quick and timely response. Tried Windows 7, 3D performance much better, but YouTube, browsing and such didn't work as snappily on XP. I was using Windows 7 Home Basic, though. Is there a significant difference between Basic and Premium in performance? Otherwise, I will just go back to XP, hopefully there is a way to improve 3D performance in XP.

      3. as snappily as on XP* (it was slower on Windows 7)

      4. Hi, simply change your browser and use adobe flash version of youtube.. I use qupzilla but the new version includes html5 support so you have to remove, in the program folder, the html5 video library. Now, i don't remember the name but should be named media with only one file inside. Please, read my older posts and web browser section to learn how to use gma500.