TIPS: Patch IBM video bios , Asus 1101HA Bios Updated 0323b and Alternative Driver for XP and older MS OSs

I was looking for a way to obtain 1366x768 resolution on my Asus device with Windows Basic Driver and finally got the solution!
Let's start saying that it's not my work but of the author BearWindows [Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 - Mirror 3]
This method doesn't improve GPU performance but it's a my little minor step to BIOS Mods.
Microsoft Driver read the resolutions available directly from Video BIOS so for add  missed 1366x768 we have to patch the BIOS!
HERE you can Download Patched BIOS 0323 for ASUS 1101HA (Use Asus Flash Tool)
Note.To restore official BIOS download from bios 0323 and reflash it!

ChangeLog Bios 0323b:
1) new fonts iso 9421
2) new modes 1360x768, 1366x768

Aims: Use MS driver when IEMGD fails to open some programs or to reduce ram usage by disabling intel driver without restarting PC.
How: Simply disable GPU with IEMGD from device manager and will be turn on MS Windows Basic Driver
Windows Basic Driver Settings in Win 7: HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\System\CurrentControlSet\SERVICES\VGASAVE\DEVICE0

Windows Basic Driver Setting in Win 8.1:
If the key isn't correct check this (i'm not anymore on this OS so I can't test it)

- The author published also on his website a generic driver intended for using in case of new or unknown video card(s) unsupported by XP or older MS OSs.
NB. It  does not provide any kind of 3D hardware acceleration (DirectX & OpenGL)

1)Download your BIOS from your manufacter support area
2)Open your bios (file extension maybe name.rom or name.bin) with a Bios Editor (depends by your Bios for ex. AMI Bios use MMTool; For Phoenix Bios use PhoenixTool ect. All downloadable from download are in
3)Extract vbios (video bios). Like this picture:

4)Run Inteldmp via Dos and patch vbios
5)Replace original vbios with patched one in your bios with Bios Editor
6)Flash Patched Bios in your pc


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