ASUS Suite All-in-One: ATK - SHE - Mouse Driver for Windows 7\8\8.1\10
Asus Driver Suite is a new installer for Asus devices without official support for newer OS.
Include all files Windows 7\8\8.1\10 compatible for Asus devices:
  • Asus Hotkeys ( [Enable Fn buttons]
  • Asus SHE (2.16) [Enable Overclock]
  • Touchpad Driver (17.0.19) [Optional for Synaptics]
If you want to update this package simply overwrite files with updated Mouse Driver in Driver\Synaptics folder. ++Thanks to user SdL for XP ACPI Tip!++

ASUS Suite Installer
THIS METHOD should Work an all Asus Devices producted in 2009-2010.
If you notice bugs Report it! (Tested on 1101HA and 1000HE)
WORKS Under: Windows 7 - 8 - 8.1 - 10

Last Version 1.1 Final: DOWNLOAD 

[Hot to Install] NOTE: ALWAYS Uninstall Suite and Restart PC before upgrade it!
1)Run Asus Suite.exe

2) Select "Install on Windows 7/8/8.1" and Click Install/Uninstall button

3)Accept Warnings within 4'minutes (if not setup will not works correctly!)

4)Wait (about 5'min): Ignore ACPI Error (don't waste your time clicking OK). 
Program will say "Setup 100% Complete" and show "Remember to Restart" button 

5)Restart PC
6)UnCheck and Confirm  popups. The END!

NB. ASUS SHE WORKS only with Bios RAM compatible; if you haven't it read tweak in OVERCLOCK RAM Section!
Why so many warnings?
This program is 100% Ads,Malwares free! Warnings appear because Asus's Digital firm is expiried and because Synaptics OEM Package was modified to reduce size (original,with a lot of useless files, is 110MB)

[BugReport and Solutions]
-Asus 1101HA: SHE Overclock Windows 8 crash issue-> Leave always "Super Performance Mode", OS will auto downclock your CPU when power isn't necessary [Not fixable] FIXED with November 2014 Updates
-Asus 1000HE: No Touchpad Driver Installed->Uninstall Synaptics Driver and download from HERE Macrovision ETD Touchpad Driver for Win 7 (Not a Bug! It doesn't support Synaptics)
Asus Suite is a dynamic installer that can be edited:
-Update Synpatics TouchPad driver: put new files in driver\synpatics folder
-Disable touchpad tray icon directly from installer: add to driver\reg.reg this line [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Synaptics\SynTPEnh]
-Try to support Windows XP: Just Replace driver\HotkeyService.exe and SuperHybridEngine.exe with XP versions; add to driver\reg.reg this line for autorun
"ATK"="C:\\Program Files\\EeePC\\ATK.exe"

-Disabled Synaptics Autorun (if you select normal setup): a trayicon isn't so usefull (you can still edit settings from control panel) and disabling service you can preserve about 5% of CPU power (important for low power pc). You can disable it from windows scheduler

[ChangeLog 1.1 Final 2014]
*Added Profile "Install without Mouse Driver" for Devices uncompatible with Synaptics
*Added optional AutoRun only for Asus Hotkeys (disable she)
[ChangeLog 1.1 RC1]
*Updated SHE (from 2.09 to 2.16)
*Restored Synaptics trayicon
*UAC Fixed Problem with AutoRun
*Updated Touchpad Driver (from 16.x to 17.x)
*Removed "Compatibility Mode" Step
*Fixed Astray autorun in 1000HE
*Optimized Code & New User Graphic Interface
*Reduced Package Size (from 11MB to 10MB)
[ChangeLog 1.09 RC2]
*Added Support for Windows 7
*Initial Support for UAC
*Removed ACPI Step
*SHE 2.09 [Max frequency depends by SHE BIOS Option (SHE 30%= 1.74GHz)]
*Asus Hotkeys Fn Button Enabled
*TouchPad Driver:
-Removed 64bit support
-Removed Examples and Tutorial
-Fixed INI installer
-Removed TEST app
-Removed Language Pack
Note. This solution isn't working on your device? No problem: Report and try alone!
-Go on Asus Support\select your device: Download ACPI or ATK or KBfilter for XP
-Download also SHE and Hotkeys for Win 7
-Install Driver for Win 7 on Win 8.x they should not work: from C:\program files\ EeePc or Asus folder copy: Hotkeyservice.exe and SuperHybridengine.exe to the desktop
-Unistall Driver for Win 7 and Restart
-Install ACPI or ATK or KBfilter for XP
-Try if hotkeyservevice and superhybridengine, in your desktop, work!

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