GMA 500 vs GMA 600: Is it Overclockable?

From the first time i got GMA 500 i understood that the only way to increase performances were overclock and a good driver.Today  I'll explain my dubt about these two GPUs: GMA 500 vs GMA 600.
Looking for how to overclock video card i've find some interesting informations.
  • From wiki:The core for Gma 500 and 600 is the same "PowerVR SGX535"  by Imagination technologies (strange 2008 vs 2010 product. I hope they make a revision) but with different freq 200MHz vs 400MHz
  • From There is no specific datasheet but you can only read that series IP5 can run up to 400MHz (HERE)
  • From intel documents: GMA500 can be clocked @266MHz but all other frequencies are reserved.I've try to look at gma600 documents but i didn't find nothing about it.
From all these infos i know that SGX535 was clocked on:
UL11L platform freq @100MHz
US15  plarform freq @200MHz
US15x platform freq @266MHz
GMA600 netbook freq @400MHz

Looking for any solution i've studied different programs(GmaBooster and SetIGP utility develop mainly for i945) and intel documents.
Results were that there are two ways to manage GPU frequency:
  1. Increasing FSB (Front Side Bus) with SetFsb or your overclock tool  (read Intel ATOM Overclock Section)
  2. Changing ratio on GCR Register, pictures down are for our GMA 500 [Intel US15 Datasheet (HERE)]

RWeverything (Link)->PCI Section ->Select Intel Corporation VGA Controller->32bit
You can try to operate manually or just using my small application called GMA500 Hidden Settings
  •  GMA500 Hidden Settings 
GMA500 Hidden Settings is an easy EXPERIMENTAL tool to modify Intel GMA 500 Settings.
The Program isn't for common users but only for people who like testing at OWN RISK!
(Based on GPU Datasheet, IEMG and Windows Settings)
TESTED on ASUS 1101HA (sadly on my device doesn't work correctly GPU OverClock)
Note.Restarting notebook all hardware values will returns to DEFAULT!

How does it work? For Hardware Section, it sends new value to VGA controller via RWeverything
For Software Section use Windows Regestry. Read this POST to know the story project.
Utility or Inutility? Well, I really don't know if can be useful. I'm a common User not an Intel's Engineer so try and look if there are differences :)
Note.Some Windows Tools may not work on older Windows O.S.
Hardware Section Windows XP/7/8/8.1
Software Section (Avalon\Performance Mode\Windows Tools\Brightness) Windows 7/8/8.1
Note. Triple buffer works also on Win XP.

-Memory Preallocated is RAM stolen given to GPU during boot system.
Default value=8MB [Check results with GPUz]
-Memory Multisize is RAM given in OS (Default is 256MB). It should be edited by DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology)
-Power States: Power Saving (D3) - Full Power (D0).  [Default is D0]
-2D Engine: Unknow Function
-Graphic Clock: This function should not work  on  standard US15
-Bus Master: This function,normally,reduces CPU Stress. Default=Enabled
-I/O Space: Unknow Function
-WPF Harware Acceleration: You should find a wpf application to test. Default is enabled.
-Performance Mode: Default is enabled.
-Vsync Fix+Triple Buffer: When you saw an image with misalignment can be a Vertical Sync problem and with this solution vsync will be enabled in postprocessing. Triple Buffer is used to reduce the fps drop down with Vsync.

Test with XP Driver on Win 7 SP1. Not stable using:
RAM Multisize: 128MB or UNKNOW
2D Profile: Set2 or Set4
All Graphic Clock Values
  1. Unrar Archive
  2. Run GMA500 Hidden Settings.exe
  3. Select a value from list and after SET or RUN
[Version 1.01a Final Release]: 01 Dic 2013
Fixed UAC Problem (my fault: on my system is always disabled!)
[Version 1.01] 09 Aug 2013
Intel Performance Mode ON\OFF (i don't know if it change quality image or Power State)
Brightness Controller
WPF enabler\disabler: Disabling may run a little bit faster 2D Apps on our device
Triple buffer Enabler: If you use Vsync this may help you in games\apps
App to tryIcon
Tools (tested on Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build)
Minor Bugfixes and optimizations

[Version 1.0] (Initial Release) 13 Jul 2013
Memory Preallocated Changer
Memory Multisize Changer
Power State Changer
2D Engine Selector
Graphic Clock Changer
Bus Master Function Enabler\Disabler
I\0 Space Access Enabler\Disabler

[Missed Features:No More Time!]
Video Codec Selector (You can use Klite codec tweak program)
Support for SweetFX: Another postprocessing testing tool
Autoreading hw values
Brightness Controller

This Picture was mixed between US15W and SCH datasheet
Understanding GPU DSDT Section

DSDT (Differentiated System Description Table) is a part of ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) stored in BIOS.
I never take a look inside it but anyway when i was try to understand how to overclock my CPU via bios editing i found some strings about GPU (aka GFX)
Probably these strings determinate when the video card is enabled\disabled but i can't be sure.
If anyone know something can write down here!
Just open, with RWeverything or Windows 8, the ACPI table\DSDT and look for GFX0

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  1. Mandato il file sull'asus eeepc, spero ti sia utile

    1. Grazie. Ti ho risposto via email oltre a quello che ti ho chiesto potresti inoltrarmi anche uno screenshot della tabella riguardante intel vga(quella dove hai clickato il tasto save).

  2. Thank you all. Just another summary:
    All start from Gmaboost an overclock tool for intel 945: it use this syntax with rweveryrhing wpcie 0 2 0 0xf0 0x0; wpcie 0 2 0 0xf1 0x60; wpcie16 0 2 0xf0 0xvalue; wpcie 0 2 0 0xf1 0x05 (value is different for 400mhz=33, 200mhz=34, 250mhz=34). This method is not valid for gma500 cause is a different platform where the gpu clock is design by F0-F1.
    Now we have these information:
    -F0-F1-F2-F3 contain Gpu clock ratio and value is 32bit
    -Need Rweverything to reupload changed setting
    -these men can help to find a quickly answer to my dubt: Vladimir (gmabooster author) & setpll author(i don't remember the name)

    Another way is to try changing these 4values from intel vga with default setting but actually i can't cause i don't have my netbook.
    06 00 FF 01 (default seems to be 00 00 00 02)
    It's better you wait me cause i have no fear to brick my device) but need 1month to returne at home.

    1. To tell the truth I doesn't much believe to OC my Nokia Booklet coz of soldered RAM. While I wait for WinXP driver to try it on Vista with native GMA500 Vista driver OC cause freeze Windows. Trying to change values you point start from 06 change to 00 and I got white screen.

    2. This is quite differt from normal OC.
      Improving FSB you speedup all devices but you can also have more problems from hardwares.
      With this solution you don't improve fsb,it changes only Gma frequency.
      There are no other solutions to speedup GMA500! This is the last and i don't know if it can works!
      p.s. released xp driver

  3. 266MHz TESTs FAIL:
    -Direct bits change
    -EMGD and Intel official drivers (not tested windows driver)
    -IBM and Intel VBIOS
    -Windows 7 and 8.1
    -Downclocked FSB

  4. Can i install win7 54 bit on my inspiron mini 1010 ? If i can is it faster than 32bit?

  5. Hello, could you please update the link to dropbox for gma500 hidden settings program, please? Thanks a lot. Lubo