Bios brick: How can we try to resolve?

I've started bios mods on my Asus but after few bios flashes,finally, got "Bios Startup fail".
So I've decide to write a new post about this problem...let's see what i can do :)
Free solutions: (Before pay)
-Cmos erase test fail (remove battery from mainboard for about 5min)
-ez flash with 1101.rom from usb and mmc test fail (if your bios has this utility)
-amiboot.rom test fail
-minidos with afudos.command test fail
-if you have other suggests add comment

Other possible solutions:
-Pc's shop (ask for repair bios; price, in italy, around 30€)
-Good bios programmer+bios chip 50€
-Chinese Bios Programmmer 10€ or less from Ebay
-Empty chip in italy 10euro; from china 2,5€
-Programmed chip 15-20€
-Soldering\desoldering about 5/10€

My final solution
Friend's Heat Gun (optional); Friend's welding machine; Chinese Bios Programmer EN25T80
Time: 10min
Difficult level: Medium

1)Recognize Bios Chip on mainboard (read serial write on it) in my case MX-15G 25L8005M2C 
2)With Heat Gun remove it or use welding machine (see how to do it on youtube)
3)Put Bios Chip on correspective programmer's plug (i had to push into small holes all pins)
4)Run SPI USB Flash Tool (included driver for Win 32 e 64bit) and click on Detect
6)First make a backup of your bin rom ("Read") [remember to set finish offset 8mbit=1MB]
7)Write your rom (N.B. Bios extension have to be in bin format es.1101ha.rom to 1101ha.bin)
8)Re-Read Bios and compare it with an hex editor (for ex. with Hexworkshop) to check if flashed rom is correct

N.B. If bios compares are always differt check if pins are correctly inserted on plugs
If you got problems with driver download this updated package
Other informations about Bios: HERE

7 commenti:

  1. What a crap you brick it! =(
    I only can point you to It very good english speak community for bios modding and obvious repairing.

    1. It's not a big problem because next to my house there is a pc's shop but I'm checking low budget solution(buy a programmer or not to buy it..because i will do others bios mod test)
      I opened this post only for the community 

  2. Ok, I've find an idea: desoldering chip with hot air, buy a chinese bios programmator, find someone for soldering. Thanks youtube for this tip!
    Chinese bios programmator costs 10euro..while i suppose for a soldering 5euro/10euro.
    On ebay a seller asks me 35euro..probably is the correct price (included shipping)

    1. So you can't do it software only. It's a pitty. If I brick my netbook it'll be a disaster coz this my only computer and I can't restore it anyway.

    2. It seems so. I will try other free solutions. Actually i'm traslating programmator and service manual in italian(it comes with eng/chinese lang).
      I also buy thermal paste for cpu and chipset

  3. Hey TheKazaR how your netbook doing?

    1. I'm waiting programmator from china. Usually takes 3weeks with standard hk post.
      I found other 2 free solutions i'll test it as soon as possible