Capitolo (Chapter) 4: How to install\unistall driver

Installation driver for Windows XP:
(Installazione con pacchetti Windows XP)

1)Unrar Archive and launch "WindowsDriverSETUP.cmd"
ITA.Scompattate l'archivio zip ed eseguite il file: "WindowsDriverSETUP.cmd"

2)Choose "Installs driver and aplication file" and Next
ITA.Selezionate la voce che vi interessa e clickate su Next
3)Select "Agree"
ITA.Nelle successive pagine date "Agree" per convalidare l'installazione
4)Choose Install Driver without Microsoft firm
ITA.Appena comparirà la seguente immagine date il consenso per installare il driver senza firma digitale( passo da eseguire solo su win7)

5)Restart PC
ITA.A fine installazione riavviate il voilà! L'installazione è completata!!!
Unistall driver Windows XP\7:
(Disinstallazione del driver Windows XP\7)

1)Launch "WindowsDriverSETUP.cmd"
ITA.Avviare "WindowsDriverSETUP.cmd"
2)Select Unistall and Next
ITA.Selezionare voce Unistall e clickare su Next
3)Restart PC
ITA.Date il consenso per riavviare 

P.s. Al riavvio si installeranno i driver VGA standard di Windows, se siete offline, mentre se siete online Windows update cercherà i driver su internet
Installation driver for Windows 7\8\8.1: 
(Installazione\Disinstallazione con pacchetti Windows 7\8\8.1:)

FROM NEW RELEASES simply Run IEMGD Add-on.exe and select your screen resolution

OLD  and Other publishers Releases:
 1)Unrar Archive and launch "Setup.exe"
ITA.Scompattate l'archivio rar ed eseguite il file: "Setup.exe"
2)Select always next
3)Choose Install Driver without Microsoft firm 

ITA.Date il consenso ad ogni richiesta compresa quella per l'installazione del driver non firmato
3)Restart PC
ITA.Riavviate il PC

N.B. For install under Win 8\8.1 before start with first step have to: (Before Revision 2017)
Se state utilizzando Windows 8 prima di procedere con il passo1) eseguite questi passi:
1)Right click on setup.exe
Tasto destro sul file setup.exe
2)Properties->Compatibility tab
Proprietà->Sezione Compatibilità
3)Set Windows 7
Impostate Modalità compatibilità Windows 7
4)Launch setup.exe
Avviate il file setup.exe 

How to unistall driver from windows 7/8: Control Panel->Programs and functions->Select "Intel(R) Embedded Media and Graphics"
Per disinstallare il driver: Pannello di Controllo ->Programmi e Fuzionalità -> dall'elenco avviare la disinstallazione del pacchetto driver Intel Embedded
HOW to install driver MANUALLY:
Sometime Driver's Installer may return Error on Setup especially with modded Windows Versions.
You can try to install driver manually from Device Manager! 
Go to Control Panel\Device Manager\Display Adapters\Intel GMA 500 driver tab\Update Driver\Browse my computer for driver software\Let me pick from a list\Have a disk\Select IEMGD inf file (Usually in LPCO folder)
Tip.Under Windows 8.1 Preview Edition (probably also 8\8.1 RTM) you can also launch dos command "SystemPropertiesHardware" to open Device Manager

17 commenti:

  1. When I try to use the cmd setup file, I get something to the effect of "not all components have installed correctly." When I try to do it manually, I get a Code 10 error. I press the "Get Disk" button and choose the US15 option. I'm using a BenQ S6 on Windows XP Performance Edition with an Atom Z500 and GMA500. Can you provide any help?

    1. Hi, try to install manually from device manager. Can you tell me if gpu id is 8086(intel) 8086 (gma 500 200MHz version)?
      Go on device manager, video card properties hardware id

    2. I'm not sure where my GPU ID is, but I know this driver will work because it did before I installed my new SSD. As I said, when I install the driver manually using device manager, I select Get Disk, navigate to the drivers folder in the download you provide, and select US15 Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Driver Function 0. I restart my computer and get Code 10 This device cannot start.

    3. Additionally, do you know how improved/decreased performance would be switching from Windows XP to Windows 7 on a 512 mb RAM machine?

    4. Okay, I right clicked the driver in device manager, pressed Properties, and went to the Details tab. Device Instance Id says PCI\\VEN_8086&DEV_8109&...
      Hardware Ids says PCI\\VEN_8086&DEV_8109&...
      Hopefully this helps

    5. Intel emgd works with

      Emgd and egd don't support device 8109 (gma500 @100MHz UL11L). I don't know how works your low clocked platform (if something change) but you can try to force installation just opening with notepad the inf file in lpco folder and change all values from 8108 to 8109.
      512mb for win7 are really few and also your downclocked platform is a problem. Have you try my tool gma500hidden settings? (I'd like to know if is possible to restore 200mhz in your device)

    6. *iegd.inf in xp driver is in driver folder
      *if windows crashes on boot simply remove the video driver from windows safe boot (f8 during system boot) and select unistall from the installer or from device manager/ video adapter.
      Best regards

    7. I tried this, and unfortunately, it did not work. I have been desperately looking to increase the performance of my BenQ S6. I have installed a very slimmed down version of Windows XP, run no programs in the background, and still performance is subpar. Is there anything you can do to help me?

    8. Probably in your case is better to use a linux distro instead of a microsoft product. Your gma 500 downclocked @100mhz, 512mb of ram and 800mhz cpu aren't so good. Probably is time to change your device or try lubuntu.
      P.s. read linux post

    9. I use Setfsb to overclock to 1.1 ghz and the front side bus overclocks too. I can't remember where I found it, but I believe I found a modded driver somewhere a year ago to improve the performance of my BenQ S6's GPU, which I can't find now. Linux doesn't have the program support that I need unfortunately. I have a good amount of RAM free (around 280 mb idle), and RAM isn't too much of an issue with XP Performance Edition that I use. Any help is appreciated.

    10. Hi manny742, the drivers for us15 platform (compatible with windows xp) are only 3:
      2)intel iegd
      3)intel emgd (that doesn't have direct support for us15l)

      These are all available drivers. Probably you used iegd,that is older than emgd but is compatible with more devices pc, compiled for your device..just check if it is compatible!
      Note. SetFSB = set front side bus that manages cpu,gpu and ram clock

      There are various windows lite version around the web (read my post windows xp micro editions) where ram usage in idle with basic video driver is only 80mb.

    11. I'm trying iegd drivers on my BenQ S6, and I'm not sure why it's not working.
      :( (sad face)
      I'm really perplexed - I tried 10.4 which says the components are not installed correctly, and device manager says it doesn't start when I install it that way. Is there a version of IEGD 3.1 available for download that is already set up? (I'm not sure how to use the tool)

  2. IEGD 10.3.1*
    and a working IEGD 10.4 version would be even better

  3. I'm going to give up for now, hopefully you can help me. Setup.exe says the same thing about not having all of the components installed for iegd drivers too/ It wasn't even the iegd 10.3 drivers that worked, it just installed iegd 10.3 driver creator.
    Help is greatly appreciated.

  4. I made an observation today. When installing drivers for EMGD manually device manager will say that this driver was not intended for your device. However, when installing iegd, it says this device cannot start. Does this information help you at all?

  5. The reason I've been having all of these problems is because my BenQ S6 doesn't have the US15 or US15W version of the GMA500, but rather the UL11L which is (at least, I think so) significantly less powerful. But you probably already knew this. I'm starting to doubt that I actually did have custom drivers on it in the past. Anyway, thanks for all your help, if you find anything let me know - it's a shame there's no custom driver support for this chipset. I'll actively look at this post.

  6. I'm back! After rereading your replies, I tried GMA500 Hidden Settings, but it failed to initialize. Are there any other tips for me? I really do need to stick with XP. Maybe help me build a custom driver? Thanks in advance.